Your Family’s Academic Coach

Faith Pine With Her Puppies

With nearly two decades of experience teaching and tutoring students ages 6-18, Faith partners with families across New England and New York to inspire a love of learning and to help children reach their individual potential. Having also worked at Lincoln School in Providence, Rhode Island as the Middle and Upper School Learning Skills Specialist for over 10 years, Faith has tutored hundreds of students in content specific to all subjects in both Elementary and Middle School and is an expert in developing executive functioning skills including organization and task initiation, test taking, and time management. Recognizing the unique challenges of higher education, Faith is now extending her expertise to include college students, emphasizing the development of executive functioning skills crucial for success in the demanding college environment.

Faith’s passion for partnering with families stems from her own experience as a parent of a child with learning needs twenty years ago, and it is because of the relationship that both Faith and her son built with his tutor that Faith is inspired to do the same for other families today. She understands firsthand the struggles and emotions that a parent faces when their child learns differently, and she is committed to helping families navigate these challenges. There is nothing that brings Faith more joy than when a student proclaims, “Oh! I get it!”and it is her mission to motivate and foster lifelong confidence. Faith also believes that learning can and should be fun, and she incorporates this philosophy into the learning plan for each child—and has also been known to bake a mean batch of cookies. 

Faith’s holistic pedagogical approach understands and celebrates a student’s unique mind,  perspective, and development, and she considers social-emotional support an integral component of academic enrichment. By tailoring lessons to meet a child’s specific learning style, interests, and needs, Faith is also committed to helping students become responsible partners in their learning process. In addition to working directly with parents and caregivers to equip them with the tools necessary to understand their child’s strengths and challenges, Faith also serves as an advocate for students within their respective schools, and she adeptly distills neuropsychological evaluations into tangible and actionable accommodations for teachers to apply in their classrooms. 

When she’s not working with students, Faith enjoys spending time with her husband, three children, and two dogs, reading (preferably on the beach), and practicing pilates. 

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