Executive Function Coaching for College Students

As college acceptances roll in and seniors prepare to embark on a new journey next fall, many parents are left wondering, “how will my child manage away from home?” Learning the new (often unofficial) systems of college can be tricky and overwhelming. Many college students struggle to manage their time, motivate themselves to attend class, and adjust to the increased workload. And, while the newfound independence is exciting for a first-year college student, it can also lead to a neglect of basic self-care needs. 

In short, new college students “don’t know what they don’t know,” and a little extra support can be just what they need! That’s why I regularly meet with college students in their first year and beyond to help them develop good study habits, bolster their independence, and establish and maintain a balanced routine. 

Time Management Challenges

In my experience working with college students, they often leave work until the last minute due to overscheduling, stress, procrastination, or inexperience managing a productive work schedule on their own. 

To this end, I help them to:

  • Divide large assignments into manageable pieces
  • Develop strategies for starting and completing writing assignments
  • Build a study schedule that allows them to be both productive and efficient 
  • Organize class materials and utilize planners/calendars 

Academic Challenges

New college students may lack persistence or have trouble beginning and/or completing assignments. They may find themselves falling behind on work or struggling to attend class consistently. Ineffective study habits may lead to poor test results. 

With my help, students will:

  • Utilize study skills to adequately prepare for tests
  • Begin advocating for themselves with professors 
  • Persist through challenging assignments and avoid procrastination 

Self-Care Challenges 

With a variety of club offerings, social opportunities, and a demanding workload, new college students often forget to take care of their own basic needs. For most students, college is the first time without a parent/guardian reminding them to clean their room, maintain an adequate sleep routine, or make time for physical activity.

In my work with students, I check-in to ensure they:

  • Maintain a clean dorm room and workspace (via Zoom)
  • Make time for physical activity and socialization 
  • Use timers to take necessary study breaks without losing track of time
  • Develop relaxation techniques to help deal with stress and anxiety  

Executive Function Coaching for College Students 

As an Executive Function Coach, I support a student’s academic needs in concert with their social, emotional, and lifestyle needs. My goal is to help students foster their own independence, so they feel confident tackling the challenges that college may present. If a student no longer needs my coaching, I have successfully done my job! 

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