Get Your Student Organized for Success: Must-Have Supplies for the 2023-2024 School Year!

Get Your Student Organized For Success

As we look ahead to the Fall, I have put together a list of suggested supplies for the 2023-2024 school year. I have curated this list with your child in mind. I find it most helpful if students color code notebooks and supplies (pens, sticky notes, index cards) for each subject, as well as a planner which lists days in a horizontal fashion. These are the most effective tools to keep your student organized. 

Updated Student Organizer for Middle School

This planner allows students to categorize homework by subject, and create a daily study schedule. 

6-piece Locker Organization Set

For students in Middle and High School, lockers can quickly turn into a mess! This organization set helps students maintain a tidy space, and offers them the chance to write reminders for themselves on the white board. 

Pocket Folders for 3 Ring Binder

I always encourage students to assign a color to each class. This way, they see ‘red’ and remember, ‘these are my Math materials.’

Ruled Index Cards or Lined Index Cards

While much of our world exists online, I ask my students to write their notes and flashcards by hand. Handwriting is proven to assist with memory recall.

Large Dry Erase Calendar for Wall

A dry erase calendar helps students map out their large assignments per month. I recommend that students keep this in their study space at home. 

3 Ring Binders

2 inch binders allow students to keep all materials in one place. 

Write & Erase Durable Plastic Dividers for 3 Ring Binders

These erasable dividers can be used and reused! 

Loose Leaf Paper, 3 Hole Punch

Paper to fill your 3 hole punch notebooks.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions!

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