Unlocking Your Voice: Mastering the Art of College Essays – Tips and Tricks for Rising High School Seniors

Student writing their college easy. Mastering the art of college essays

For rising High School Seniors, the college process lives at the forefront of their minds. It is natural for students to feel anxious, stressed, and unsure about the future. However, amidst grades, recommendations, and forms exists one of the most important pieces of a college application: the college essay. 

The college essay is one of the only spaces where students can showcase their voice. It allows them to share important pieces of themselves with admissions committees. As students begin thinking about their essay topics, and start to write and rewrite, I want to share some tips to help them get started. 


  1. There is no such thing as a bad idea. Students should write down anything that comes to mind when thinking about a topic. 
  2. Write drafts of multiple essays. By diving into a number of different topics, students will both get practice with writing personal essays while also narrowing their scope. Students should hone in on and continue with the topic that feels the most authentic and exciting for them to write. 
  3. Show, don’t tell. College admissions officers read thousands of essays per year. Use imagery, senses, and descriptive language to illustrate ideas. This will help students stand out.
  4. Students should write, take a break, and then read their essay out loud. Hearing it out loud allows the brain to catch instances of awkward syntax, wording, or grammar. 
  5. Writing is rewriting. The college essay will not be perfect on the first try. Writing is messy – embrace the challenge and take your time. 
  6. Have a friend, sibling, parent, or tutor read the essay. Second and third opinions are integral to the writing process. 

My team and me are well-versed in the college process. If you have a student who is struggling to begin their college essay, my team is here to help. 

Happy writing!

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